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We a comprehensive range of medical services for yourself and your family from a specialised team of experts.

GP Services

Providing quality care and health checks to all of our patients. Supporting patients and providing the best quality care, management and treatments suitable to your needs.

Skin Checks

Checking your skin regularly for any moles or lesions for any possible signs of skin cancer. Our doctors will check and monitor for any new or changing lesions.

Travel Vaccines

Stay up to date with your travel vaccines and protect yourself from infectious diseases and other health risks.

Sports Medicine

Specialising in sports injuries, our doctors can assist in treating, managing and rehabilitating injuries related to sports, exercise or recreational activities.

Boxing Medicals

We offer full pre-fight medicals and blood testing for boxing and sporting competitions.

Weight Management

Be in control of your health and weight, our leading health nutritionist and docs can develop a comprehensive diet and exercise plan to help you achieve your goals.

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